Chocolate in the form of an Easter Egg is one of the best ways it can be presented to me. The shell is crisp, and then you come across the thick bits, the part of the shell that’s slightly misshapen and has extra chocolate. My egg lasts no longer than a day, and making it last even that long is a struggle.

Anything that has extra chocolate in or on is my dream. The richer, the better. A chocolate brownie is better covered in chocolate sauce. A chocolate cookie is improved with triple chocolate chips. Bolognese is even improved with a cube of dark chocolate. There is nothing that isn’t made better by a bit of chocolate. At Easter, you don’t need an excuse to indulge in extra chocolate.

Claire¬†Ptak’s dark chocolate and pistachio cake is as rich and indulgent as it gets. The smooth chocolate ganache sits on top of a dense chocolate cake. The crushed pistachios make up most of the cake, giving it a slightly crunchy texture. While a classic lemon drizzle or victoria sponge is best eaten on the day it’s made, this cake is best the day after, or even the day after that. It gives the cake time to firm up a little but still stays moist.

The Recipe – From Claire Ptak in The Guardian Cook, p.8

Top tips!!

– The link is in the title above.
– I didn’t include the kirsch or jasmine tea leaves.
– The cake took 20 minutes longer to cook, but it should have a slight wobble in the centre, just leave it to cool till completely cold.
– When making the ganache it was quite oily, so I might omit the butter from the ganache next time.