With most things in life, simplicity is often best. This remains true when it comes to baking. Sometimes, all you need is a sweet crunchy cornflake cake, or a slice of Victoria Sponge, sandwiched with raspberry jam and freshly whipped cream, dusted generously with icing sugar. Flapjacks come under the category of the often overshadowed simple bakes. A sticky flapjack, that has a slight crunch on the outside then a chewy centre is simple and delicious. Flapjacks are reminiscent of my junior school days. Being served a flapjack with custard for dessert was a regular occurrence. Birthday parties I attended always featured sticky squares of flapjacks at the buffet table along with brightly coloured party rings and towers of pink wafers. No matter what the situation, you could always rely on a flapjack.

Whilst a plain flapjack is a classic, a flapjack flavoured with ginger and with chunks of dark chocolate takes the understated flapjack to a new level. Using ground ginger and root ginger provides a spicy warmth, whilst the dark chocolate melts a little in the oven spreading the chocolate throughout. The oats become coated¬†with a rich, slightly bitter flavour to contrast the sweet syrup.¬†To achieve the perfect crunch/chew balance, you need to take the flapjacks out of the oven when they’re not quite set as they harden up once out of the oven.


I believe that hygge might just be a blanket, a flat white and a dark chocolate and ginger flapjack, when it’s wet and stormy outside.

The Recipe – Makes 8 (Recipe adapted from Red)

150g butter
150g golden syrup
100g soft brown sugar
350g oats
1cm chunk of stem ginger, chopped finely
2 tsp. ground ginger
100g dark chocolate

– Pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees celsius. Grease and line a square tin with baking paper.
– In a pan, warm the butter, syrup and sugar. Once the butter has melted and the sugar has dissolved, take off the heat.
– Add the oats, stem ginger, ground ginger and 50g dark chocolate (chopped roughly).
– Mix everything together and pour into the tin.
– Bake for 25 minutes.
– Leave to set, then remove from the tin.
– Slice into 8 bars or however many squares you fancy.
– Melt the remaining dark chocolate and drizzle over the flapjacks.