Easter might be over, I may have eaten more than my body weight in chocolate and daffodils are no longer in season, but chocolate cornflake cakes are still on my mind.

They’re possibly the simplest thing to make, just put the butter, chocolate and syrup in a pan, mix in the cornflakes and bam, there you have it. But, they’re also possibly the most delicious thing to make. They’re incredibly indulgent and sweet, both crunchy and chewy and topped with the greatest eggs of all time – the mini egg.

The joy is peeling the sticky syrupy┬ámixture away from the case and taking the first bite. The cornflakes may get stuck in your teeth, the syrup might stick to the roof of your mouth and you’ll most definitely have lips covered in chocolate, but for a few minutes, everyone is silent and oh so very content.

Of course, we have the great Nigel Slater to thank for these, the only recipe you really need to know by heart.

The Recipe

50g butter
4 tbsp. golden syrup
100g dark chocolate
75g cornflakes
Mini eggs

– Put the butter, syrup and chocolate in a pan.
– Stir a little and keep on eye on it until it has melted, stirring along the way.
– Pour in the cornflakes and mix together.
– Spoon into muffin cases, top with mini eggs and leave in the fridge to chill.