After discovering that gluten and I are not the best match, I’ve set about finding all of the ways to make baking gluten free. Using ground almonds is the best common method but there’s SO many different flours out there that can be used: buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, chickpea flour and gram flour just to name a few.

I’ve been experimenting with brown rice flour and buckwheat flour and both provide such a nutty flavour, it’s delicious!

The gluten free ranges around now are amazing but one of the shortcomings is the bread department. The majority of the ones I’ve tried have had quite a heavy dense texture, not quite the light, soft texture you get from a home baked loaf.

Yesterday, I tried out Madeleine Shaw’s buckwheat and oat bread and although it’s not the light loaf you occasionally crave, it provides such a tasty flavour, is super filling and is the best alternative I’ve tried. Packed with seeds and nuts this loaf is great toasted and served with the spicy carrot dip.


Here is the link for the bread:

Here is the link for the carrot dip: